Jayam Wedding Halls

When you learn how to start your own Wedding hall, be prepared to offer, coordinate or provide referrals to customers for closely associated services such as caterings, event planning and live entertainment.

Ensure there is a demand for a wedding hall in the community where you have chosen to set up operations by conducting a business feasibility study and check out the competition Take notes and collect promotional material that includes the square footage, occupancy limits, rental prices and event services. Keep up with hospitality industry trends related to colors, themes, menus and other event planning matters.

Specifically identify your customer. This is where you will concentrate your marketing efforts. For example, if you decide to focus on the wedding event market, develop relationships with bridal and tuxedo shops and wedding planners. If your target market is corporate clients, build relationships within the local business community and among corporate event planners.

The business plan will be the road-map that identifies your business purpose, target market and the required human and capital resources. Business plans typically include a budget itemizing monthly leasing or mortgage expenses, taxes, insurances, wages, utilities, advertising and other required costs. In your business plan make sure to include developing a website and social networking presence for your new business.

Generally, guest tables and chairs, buffet tables and decorative items like indoor plants are purchased outright from a hospitality industry furniture dealer. Table linens and dishware might be leased because these are the type of elements that customers like to coordinate and tailor to their particular event.

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