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While your dream may be to start the next Apple or Microsoft out of your garage, it is more likely that your desire to start a computer business involves dealing with existing systems via sales, service, or support. With the rapid changes in technology that have already led some to place us in the 'post-PC era,' the job of a computer repair person, for instance, has changed quite a bit from ten years ago and will surely be quite different ten years from now.

Beyond keeping up with changing technology and maintaining your expertise, however, starting a computer business requires many of the same skills required of any other small business field — things like a clear business plan, a smart marketing strategy, and outstanding customer service It seems reasonable to assume that anyone harboring ideas of starting a computer business already has a deep familiarity with computers and related systems.

That said, the particulars of your training and experience, and your willingness to learn more are vital in determining the type of computer business best suited to your talents.

Have you ever dissected, reassembled, or repaired a computer? Are you familiar with all major operating systems? Have you worked in the computer field before?

Honestly assess your readiness to start a computer business, or ask someone else with industry knowledge help you make the assessment. Completing a degree in the computer field will certainly help you in starting a business, but it is unlikely that most customers will ask to see your diploma. More important is your ongoing gathering of experience, whether through education, training, or employment.

With any small business, you need to carefully consider the local demographics, the identity and needs of your target population, and the particular products and services they are likely to desire. How can you tailor your planned business to meet these conditions? Despite changing technology and consumer tastes, there are still opportunities to establish a business based on sales of computers, parts, or accessories; editing and design services; troubleshooting and/or training; and repairs or refurbishments.

The key is flexibility and an ability to change along with the technology. New technology is meant to make life easier, but many consumers find it to be just another layer of confusion. General set-up and troubleshooting tasks, like setting up printers and wireless networks, data recovery and wiping, and media archiving or editing, may remain a viable component of your business, even if PC repair requests decrease.

If you can prove yourself to be an expert on computers and related technology and can build a positive reputation, you should be able to find a niche for your computer business. Even if a major focus of your business turns out to be fixing obsolete desktops for customers not interested in making a change, you need to maintain your expertise on emerging technologies.

Complacency in a field that changes as fast as computer technology can leave you behind the curve before you realize what has happened. Even if computers are your focus, expect people to seek help and guidance with all sorts of mobile technology, from phones to tablets to watches. If you have terrible people skills, it probably won’t matter how great you are with the machines your computer business is not likely to succeed.

When customers have a computer need or problem, they expect fast, efficient, effective service that is also explained to them in a way that can be clearly understood by even computer novices.


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